In just 21 days, you could develop and entirely new fitness habit.

How do we develop a new weight loss habit?

There are two main factors in developing new habits. The first is repetition. We just have to start doing something! We all have been very excited to set new fitness goals and dream about what that resulting goal is going to do for our fitness level, but just being excited about something is simply not enough to make our dreams a reality. We have to put those goals to action if we are going to see any results.

Weight loss habit is what is going to maintain that change in long-term behavior. Habits are formed through prioritizing and repetition. Rather than choosing if you are going to exercise, decide when you are going to exercise. Over time it will become a part of your day, a part of your routine, it will become habit.

Exercise is not just something that we do now and then, we have to make it part of our daily life.

Make it a habit to do a weight training routine regularly. Make it a habit to do some kind of cardiovascular exercise regularly. Make it a habit to stretch daily. Make it a habit to eat proper proportions. Habitually steer away from empty calories especially high sugar foods.

So at first it might feel like a chore to get up off the couch pull on your running shoes and head out the door, but if you are consistent and persistent over time, you won’t see that it is a chore anymore but rather it becomes a part of who you are.

The second factor in developing a weight loss is habit is setting up a rewards system. Unfortunately your weight loss program doesn’t always yield immediate rewards. For me personally I have to work out pretty hard for one to two months before I notice any physical changes. The reason this happens is that we are used to our bodies, and we may be over critical of our bodies. Our bodies may be changing and we may just not see the actual changes as easily as others do.

As you begin developing new habits of successful weight loss and fitness you will notice changes in your energy levels and confidence because you are taking control and taking action to make a change that will improve your life! Since the physical rewards aren’t noticed right away feel free to set little rewards for yourself on short term goals that you set and meet. But make them rewards that are going to keep you motivated and moving toward your weight loss goals.

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