Testing video games and making money off of it sounds like an awesome jobs doesn’t it? It is, if you really like video games. I’ve been testing games for a couple of years and I can honestly tell you this, testing video games is not for everyone!

What most people tend to think when testing games comes to mind is that they’ll be playing video games all day.

People this is far from true!

Let’s be real people, it wouldn’t be a job if it สล็อต was just playing video games. Video game testers have to go through a lot of boring, repetitive, similar work to test for bugs.

These tasks can be such a pain in the you-know-what. But it beats working at a restaurant or a retail store :D.

The tasks they give you are set up daily by the project leader. So everyday you have a different bug to look for. For example, you may have to go around through the whole game and write down any curse words and how many times they say it. (This is such a pain for Gears Of War)

One thing that most game testers have to do no matter what is play through the game, make sure all the weapons and items work properly, with no glitches. You also have to test the limits of the game, walk around to places you normally wouldn’t think of going.

You need to get the mindset that, hardcore gamers will try to reach every part of every level, and so should you. If you can manage to get this through your head every time you test, you’ll find so many bugs, putting you in a good place with the boss.

Video game testing isn’t all just fun and games, it’s a real job so there are it’s downsides. I’ve been doing this for a while and it’s been a dream job for me.

I just love playing video games, but from my experiences I wouldn’t advice anyone to go into this without knowing what they’re getting

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